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Come to help at the Ecotopia Turkey Prep Camp!

Posted in Uncategorized by gheorghe on 18/07/2008

We need people willing to use their creative skills, and learn new ones to help us prepare the Ecotopia campsite.

You might have heard that Ecotopia will take place between 9-23 August
in Turkey, close to a city Sinop at the Black Sea. The area is quite
special, with sandy beaches, forests and wetlands. But it is also
special because it is one of the three locations in Turkey planned for
construction of nuclear power plants.

We are looking for people to help us build the camp. It is not
necessary to have experience, just a willingness to help, gain
practical skills and enjoy the time at the venue before hundreds of
people arrive. It would be great to have couple of people with
carpentry skills, experience with plumbing, first aid, knowledge of how
to set up greywater systems, pedal or wind power energy systems,
compost toilets, solar showers and camp kitchens. And a couple of
people to cook vegan food!

As this is the preparation period of the camp, facilities will
initially be quite basic until we build more. However, vegan food will
be provided for the duration of the prep camp.

We start on the 25th of July. If you are interested in helping, write to ecotopia@eyfa.org


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